Devotional Saints Of India | Popular Saints of Bhakti Movement

Devotional Saints Of India | Popular Saints of Bhakti Movement: Main Saints & Teacher List From Bhakti Movement In PDF Format Published By Academy. Download Now.

Devotional Saints of India

Devotional Saints of India | Popular Saints Of Bhakti Movement

The Bhakti movement was a major Hindu religious revival movement during medieval India. Bhakti Movement sought to bring reforms to all strata of society by preaching the practice of devotion to achieve salvation.

What was the main principle of the Bhakti movement?

Main Principle of the Bhakti Movement

  • The main principles of the Bhakti movement were :
    • God is one
    • To worship God-man should serve humanity
    • All men are equal
    • Worshipping God with devotion is better than performing religious ceremonies and going on pilgrimages
    • Caste distinctions and superstitious practices are to be given up

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Devotional Saints Of India

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PDF Name: The Main Devotional Saints Of India

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